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Dondi McKellar is owner of Dondi Bubbles NYC. He is a NYC street vendor that sells bubble blowers, spreading joy to everyone and has been written up in newspapers and on the Internet.

He is always professional and will go to lengths to please his customers. He spreads joy and peace all over New York City with his products and pleasant personality.  

Dondi McKellar is a U.S. disabled navy veteran. While he was in the military, he served on board a ship from 1981-1985 and 2 years after this, he became an active reservist.  During this time, he was in the Deck Department for 1 year and served 3 years as a Disbursing Clerk (Payroll & Travel Pay Issues).  

Dondi ran one of the three fire parties on board the USS Boulder LST-1190 going to Gitmo, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and also service twice as on scene Leader. He went from the rank of E1 to E5 during his service and was also a Receiving Sailor of the Quarter.

You can read more about The USS Boulder LST-1190   

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