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You can rely on Dondi Bubbles NYC in New York, NY for turning your day into a truly memorable one with his unique and special bubble blowers, jewelry and T-Shirts, and more.

Our knowledge of the arts, entertainment and recreation industry helps us to offer you...  

    • Bubble Blowers
    • Bubble Wands
    • Bubble Refills
    • Flag Line
    • Wallets - Peace, Big Apple,

    • Caribbean Feel Bracelet
      • Necklaces
      • Rainbow Bracelets
      • Spray Fans
      • Key Rings
      • Party Whispers
      • T-Shirts
      • Masks
      • Belts
      • Magnets – Rainbow and

        Gay St.
      • Novelty Type Table
      Dondi having fun with bubbles||||

      Dondi McKellar is owner and operator of Dondi Bubbles NYC in New York, NY and has been featured on a national scale because of his success in entertaining people on the spot

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      Dondi Bubbles NYC

      New York, NY




      Dondi McKellar is a U.S. disabled Navy veteran. While he was in the military, he served on board a ship from 1981-1985 and 2 years after this, he became
      an active reservist.  During this time, he
      was in the Deck Department for 1 year...